Request a Sample - Wholesale Inquiries / Partnership Requests
Request a Sample - Wholesale Inquiries / Partnership Requests
Request a Sample - Wholesale Inquiries / Partnership Requests
Request a Sample - Wholesale Inquiries / Partnership Requests
Request a Sample - Wholesale Inquiries / Partnership Requests
Request a Sample - Wholesale Inquiries / Partnership Requests

Request a Sample - Wholesale Inquiries / Partnership Requests

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Yondu Vegetable Umami is an award-winning, all-purpose umami seasoning sauce. 

If you would like a sample for potential wholesale or other partnerships:

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2. Leave any notes in the "Special instructions for seller" section

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We'll be in touch and send you a bottle to get cooking with.

We have recipes to get started with on our Instagram and website

Honestly, the best way to use Yondu is to add a few spoons to whatever you're already cooking--season to your preference. 




Remind me. What is Yondu?
Yondu Vegetable Umami is a new pantry sauce that works as a shortcut for building great flavor.
It's made from slow, triple-fermented soybeans and flavor-rich broth (simmered and concentrated from 8 different vegetables).

Why is Yondu such a high-impact ingredient to have in your pantry? Generations of fermentation knowledge + time + complex umami from vegetables!

Ingredients: organic soybean essence (organic soybean, water, salt), vegetable stock (onion, white radish, leek, cabbage, carrot, shiitake, ginger, garlic), yeast extract
How do I use it? 
Everyday home cooks and professional chefs alike use our vegetable-umami sauce as an all-purpose flavor hack that doesn't compromise on ingredients. Use as a quick way to build flavor.
  • A few spoons of Yondu is a versatile addition to soups, stir-fries, sauces, and marinades for an instant umami boost.
  • Use Yondu to replace/enhance fish sauce, oyster sauce, bouillon, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, liquid aminos, or other flavor bases.
  • Add warm water to turn Yondu into a flavorful and clean-tasting broth, or to enhance the flavor of homemade stocks, broths, or dashi. 
With that being said, #howyouyondu is totally personal (everyone has their favorite way to use it). 
When your Yondu arrives:  
  • Taste-test: dilute yondu with some hot water to get an idea of the taste. Try around 1 teaspoon with 1/2 cup of hot water.
  • Experiment: Add a few teaspoons to something you cook that's savory, delicious, and familiar. Something you can reliably whip-up, a dish in your repertoire, or perhaps even a classic family recipe!

Always season to taste with Yondu and reduce added salt (or salty-ingredients) to taste. Some people omit salt when using Yondu while others don't. It depends on your salty/umami balance preferences.



The following places are great ways to start experimenting with Yondu.
Tag us in your most delicious creations with #doyouyondu:
  • Soups, stews, braises, curries, casseroles
  • Stir-fries and sheet-pan roasted vegetables, tofu, proteins (Add yondu towards the end of your stir-fries, or the water content in Yondu may steam your vegetables. Yondu also helps speed up the caramelization process, so browning will happen faster!)
  • Sauces: pasta sauce, dressings, marinades
  • As a broth replacement or to boost homemade stocks/dashis (1 cup water, 2 tsp Yondu)

Ready for More? We have exciting things in the works!
We have a catalog of minimalist recipes on @yondu.usa or on our website
Most of these minimalist recipes are simple and almost always feature vegetables as the main. Yondu pairs especially well with vegetables to highlight (and not mask) their delicate and nuanced flavors. We develop these recipes to get maximum flavor from minimal ingredients + time. 
Give us a follow and bookmark some recipes when the desire for a quick, flavorful veggie-filled meal arises!

(we try to keep it under 6 ingredients and 20 minutes. Send recipe requests to



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Yondu is very similar to golden mountain sauce

malinee k.
United States United States
Really delicious and versatile!

Love this product - I've been using it a bunch of different ways, including making a broth to drink by itself as a mid-morning pick-me-up, replacing vegetable broth in recipes, adding some extra depth to sautéed veggies, etc. The color of broth made with Yondu is so light, I didn't expect it to have much flavor at first, but it really does pack a punch! I'm sure I will continue to find new ways to use it - honestly, I've been adding it to just about everything I cook recently.

Sara G.
United States United States